St. Paul Business Highlights

St. Paul Business "Highlights"
Submitted by Pastor Bill Dohle
Monday, January 26, 2015

This past Sunday(January 25th), St. Paul had its Annual Meeting.  I'm not sure why we call this our Annual Meeting and the one we have in July our Bi-Annual Meeting, but we follow the guidelines set about in our by-laws which says...

"Thou shalt have two meetings a year.  An Annual Meeting in January and a Bi-Annual Meeting in July"
(If you close your eyes and imagine God talking to you...that's how our bylaws sound like sometimes...)

Anyway, for those of you who couldn't make it to our Annual Meeting, I've given a list of unofficial highlights of our time together.  Please note, these highlights are composed by Pastor Bill and may be a little biased!

Since I know how many people are deathly afraid of church business meetings, I've highlighted some special things in my mini-report below...

Highlights of the Annual Meeting 2015
  • No one killed anyone else!!  (Always a plus!)
  • More than one killed ME! :)
  • Questions were asked...and answered!  And no one died because of them!
  • Food was eaten!  Good food too!  (My favorite was the scalloped potatoes I heard Joel Peterson made from Cindy Peterson's mother's recipe.  If you get a chance...ask them for the recipe! Yum!)
  • No one died from what they ate.
  • Vision was had and shared by our council president, by me, and by a number of other people.
  • A budget for 2015 was passed with few people having anything to say about it.
  • A report from the last year was given...many reports in fact from many different people...from last year were given!
  • The website was talked about.  Not sure how many people have the internet sitting in the crowd, but everyone clapped, so I guess they liked it.
  • Everyone left in one piece!
One thing we forgot to do was to thank everyone involved...everyone who brought food and ate it.  Everyone who stayed for the meeting.  Everyone who serves on council, especially our Treasurer, Vice-President and President, Financial Secretary, and Secretary and, of course, Amie Hester all who always put more time into this than anyone can see...

Other than that...everything went great!  Hooray St. Paul!  Hooray for 2015!  May God bless us until our next meeting...the Bi-Annual one...this coming July!

I wonder what will happen at THAT meeting...